Each business is unique, so not all the reasons above will be applicable to every business. However, if one of the reasons listed below applies to your specific situation, Numbers Pro may be the right choice for you. Numbers Pro is an expert in compliance. We are familiar with federal and state regulations as well as deadlines. Numbers Pro is your compliance partner. We will help you keep in compliance, avoid state penalties fees, and maintain the good standing of your company in your state.

A few reasons are:

You would rather spend your time and effort building your business. 

Compliance requirements can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. They often require the completion of long and sometimes confusing forms that use information from multiple sources. Many business owners prefer having an outside source handle compliance so that they can concentrate on building and running their businesses.

To protect the privacy of lawsuits and other legal documents, a service of process is usually delivered by local law enforcement. Many business owners don’t want police officers appearing in front of their customers, employees, neighbors, or, in the case of home-based companies, their neighbors, to inform them that they are being sued. A professional registered agent will ensure that you receive all Services of Process promptly and privately.

Your company is located at home.

A registered agent’s address is public information. This means that anyone can view it, even marketers. The registered agent may receive significant amounts of junk mail for their business. A registered agent service provider can reduce the volume of unsolicited mail that your business receives.

Your business does not have normal business hours. 

A registered agent must be available during business hours to receive important documents as they arrive. You may want to use a professional registered agent service provider if you have your own hours so you don’t miss important communications.

You are incorporating in a different state than the one where your business is situated.

A registered agent must be located in the same state as your company to fulfill legal requirements. If you travel often or don’t have a permanent job, Registering with a service provider for registered agents is a good idea if your business requires that you are often away from your offices, such as a real estate agent, or electrician who makes service calls every day. This ensures that your important documents still reach you and your company.

You may do business in multiple states. 

Register your company to transact in other states than the one you are forming. foreign qualification You will need to register an agent in each state. Numbers Pro will also help you in this scenario.