Are you looking for the best tax agent Melbourne? There are many things that you need to consider when choosing the best tax agent in Melbourne. Finding the ideal tax professional in Melbourne is similar to choosing any other professional such as a lawyer, doctor, or even an electrician. The key is to do some shopping around and be patient until you come across a reputable and experienced professional in the area.

A qualified accountant in Melbourne can complete your tax return – provided that he or she is registered in Australia as a tax agent.


If you have any doubt about the qualifications of the chosen accountant, you can check his/her registration online by going to the “Tax and BAS Agent Register.” Here some important things to consider when choosing the best tax agent in Melbourne.

If you are a paid employee and your sole income is from your job, you can easily do your own tax return online by going to “myTax.” But you should have a very few or no deductions to claim from the authorities to successfully file your own tax return. If not, you should hire a reliable tax agent Melbourne to file your tax return each year. You should hire a qualified accountant cum tax agent to give you tax advice and prepare your return each year. An Australian financial service (AFS) licensed accountant will be able to offer you investment advice other than filing your tax return.

If you operate a small or start-up business, a qualified accountant or bookkeeper can help maintain your financial records straight.

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In fact, bookkeeping is required by the law in order to know if you are really making a profit from your business. The easiest way to find a qualified accountant cum tax agent Melbourne is to ask for a referral from someone you trust such as a business partner or friend. They are the best people to assist you in this regard. They may have used the services of a reputable tax agent to do their tax returns. In fact, word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing strategies of finding a reliable tax agent in Melbourne. You can save a lot of time in the selection process when you have a referral from a trusted source.

The internet is another good resource to find a reliable tax agent in the area.

You can search the list of Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia to find a reliable professional for the project. A Google search will give you access to a list of professional tax agents operating in Melbourne. Many people make the mistake of not doing the required research when choosing the right candidate on Google SERPs. You should do your homework and check the reputation, background, and customer feedback received by the professional service provider before you decide to hire them for the project. Your research is very important when choosing the best tax agent in the area. That way you get the best bang for your buck.

After you have shortlisted 4-5 reliable accountants in the area, you should contact each one of them and find out some important details before you decide to hire the right candidate for the job. Here are some important things to look for when hiring the right tax agent Melbourne:

Check what services do they offer.

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Are they highly specialized in providing the type of service you require?

Have they handled similar cases in the past?

Do they respond to your emails and phone calls immediately?

Can they explain things in a language that you can understand?

How will you be charged and when?

Does the candidate have appropriate tertiary qualifications?

Is he/she a member of a professional organization in Australia – such as the Certified Practicing Accountants Australia or Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia or Institute of Public Accountants?

Is the accountant registered as a tax agent in Australia?

If you plan to get investment advice from the professional, check if he/she has the AFS license. These are important things that you need to consider when choosing a tax agent in Melbourne.




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